Health and beauty

health and beauty

Healthy food

You should eat in moderation and not over-eat it while avoiding foods that help to gain the body more weight, and avoiding complete fullness of the stomach to give it an opportunity to digest food, by focusing on eating fresh fruits and vegetables and whole grains, and avoiding foods that contain artificially sweetened substances Or hidden sugars or colors, or excessive fats.

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Sleep is closely related to physical and mental health, as lack of or no sleep leads to a disruption of many functions in the body, such as an imbalance in the metabolism process in addition to its psychological impact on a person, such as low concentration and memory skills, changes in mood and stress hormones, as well as affecting skills. Mobility, cardiovascular and immune system health. In sleep, cells regenerate and repair damaged cells, which it cannot do while awake.

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Skin care

Skin must be taken care of greatly through daily cleaning and moisturizing of it, with a focus on using different face masks two or three times per week, and choosing them according to the type of skin, in addition to regular skin and body peeling, and not excessive use of makeup that causes many Problems for the skin, such as pimples and pigmentation on the skin caused by the foundation or concealer cream, and it is recommended to spray a spray of cold water on the face every morning and evening, for about ten seconds, in order to naturally close the pores of the skin.

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